10,000 Trees

Hip hop is — roots.

Planting 10,000 trees

Hip hop was born in our deepest roots — it reflects our communities, ancestors’ soil, sense of self, and layered humanity. We feed our personal roots when we allow trees’ roots to flourish, too. Growing trees that absorb more carbon from the air so we can breathe better not only fights climate change, but it also reminds our young changemakers who learn it to never forget how special they are in this world. They step into a forest or become active for the first time, and they learn that this world — our planet — is vital to them, too.

 In partnership with organizations like the Washington State Parks, Department of Natural and the Audubon and more, our Youth Excellence Program (YEP) teaches young climate changemakers about the power of reforestation, and we’re not stopping there. Hip Hop is Green will expand this tree planting campaign to thousands more young changemakers and people of all ages in communities across America. Our goal: plant 10,000 trees in parks and urban areas this year. Help us get there. 

Help us plant a tree

A major part of our Youth Excellence Program is to get youth out in nature and participate in solutions for climate change. With your support, we can reach our goal of planting at least 10,000 trees


On behalf of everyone at Mid Sound, and particularly Amy, Chris, and our friends Peter and Michelle Weertman, we would like to extend the most sincere gratitude for your help in setting up, managing, and inspiring the fantastic crew of Hip Hop is Green this weekend at Carey Creek. I can't get over just how successful the event was, despite the circumstances. The weather was terrible but the students were still in high spirits, and it is so impressive that they were able to get those 527 plants in the ground. The site looks incredible -- I can't wait for progress photos as the trees and shrubs start to bloom.