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Plant-based meals SERVED around the country

Hip hop is — connection.

Hip Hop is Green Free Dinners

For every news article you read about a food desert that brings desolation and isolation, we serve a free, plant-based meal that promotes health, belonging, and connection. Our national health campaign — the Hip Hop is Green Dinners — introduces thousands of families in urban communities to free, healthy food and lifestyles. Climate change increases the risk of food deserts, or urban areas with little to no fresh food. That’s why we’re taking action with the power of hip hop. Hip hop culture grew from self-expression, catharsis in hardship, and the need to feel at home in the world. We bridge this deep connection with healthy food for holistic wellness.

Climate change increases the risk of food deserts, or urban areas with little to no fresh food.

Cherry Street Farm is a hydroponic farm and educational lab at the heart of Seattle’s Central District — home to predominately African-American communities and the city’s historic Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Our goal: We want every city in America, starting with marginalized communities, to have their own Cherry Street Farms. 

Healthy Connections

 Walk into a Hip Hop is Green dinner, and you feel like you’re at a family barbecue — letting out the laugh you held in all week, hearing good music, and hugging people you haven’t seen in awhile. The only difference is — the delicious food is made of plants. Also, the community at the dinner is larger, and there are live performances. National speakers, local organic farmers, hip hop artists, best-selling authors, top chefs, grocery store workers, and food justice activists join these Hip Hop is Green dinners to help us share life-changing knowledge about healthier lifestyles. To date, we’ve served over 40,000 free meals to families, especially young people who identify with hip hop culture in Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, Oakland, Sacramento, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, Washington, D.C. , and Baltimore. And — we’re fighting climate change in the process. Help us bring free healthy dinners to every city in America.

The Hip Hop Green Dinner was a night filled with helpful information and great cruelty free food. I was already on the way to veganism when I attended, however my compassion grew when I heard the vegan message presented through song and poetry.