Projects and initives

CHERRY ST. Farm & Lab

Hip hop is a worldwide culture and entrepreneurial giant — embedded in the way we communicate, connect, dress, and dream. Imagine if environmentally and psychologically safe spaces were a way of life, too. Cherry Street Farm is a hydroponic farm that makes the planet healthier and provides a space where communities most at risk from climate change can experience holistic wellness. At its core, this space empowers young climate changemakers to grow healthy food — and selves. Our goal is to make Cherry Street Farm a way of life across the nation. 


Show up as you are. Imagine how much those five simple words could change your day as you walk into a room, across a park, or out of a convenience store where you’re not always welcome, seen, or safe. Hip Hop is Green’s Youth Excellence Program (YEP) is a curriculum that provides a safe space for young Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) nationwide. YEP is the first-ever, climate change educational program of its kind that provides interactive learning about plant-based food and more. 



10,000 TREES

Hip hop was born in our deepest roots — it reflects our communities, ancestors’ soil, sense of self, and layered humanity. We feed our personal roots when we allow trees’ roots to flourish, too. Growing trees that absorb more carbon from the air so we can breathe better not only fights climate change, but it also reminds our young changemakers who learn it to never forget how special they are in this world. They step into a forest or become active for the first time, and they learn that this world — our planet — is vital to them, too. In partnership with organizations like the Washington State Parks, Department of Natural and the Audubon and more, our Youth Excellence Program (YEP) teaches young climate changemakers about the power of reforestation, and we’re not stopping there. Hip Hop is Green will expand this tree planting campaign to thousands more young changemakers and people of all ages in communities across America. Our goal: plant 10,000 trees in parks and urban areas this year. Help us get there. 


For every news article you read about a food desert that brings desolation and isolation, we serve a free, plant-based meal that promotes health, belonging, and connection. Our national health campaign — the Hip Hop is Green Dinners — introduces thousands of families in urban communities to free, healthy food and lifestyles. Climate change increases the risk of food deserts, or urban areas with little to no fresh food. That’s why we’re taking action with the power of hip hop. Hip hop culture grew from self-expression, catharsis in hardship, and the need to feel at home in the world. We bridge this deep connection with healthy food for holistic wellness.